On My Own ..

Im just graduated and applied for some works .. I really feel like I dont wanna work for others but have my own business and be my own master... I dont mind if my business cant make me a big profit .. All I want is to stand on my own feet and dont have to follow anybody's order .. Thats all ..

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I know :)

I feel you

Oh Nathan, right now I'm working as a columnist and translator also freelance writer. The pay is okay but it's not online. I still have to come to office everyday though but if I find anything online, I'll let you know. :)<br />
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Cheers!<br />

Well am looking for an online job for a monthly income, I can't help really but if you found something please let me know.

Thks ... so much :)

I will ..<br />
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Thks LM ~

you have lots going for you,Msg me if you would,What kinda Business interests do you have and Im being serious now,you make me tingle jingle happy girl LMX