I just graduated High School. I decided earlier this year to not apply to college yet and take some time off. I know this is best because I'm not ready to leave home, but I miss school so much. I loved my High School, it was one of the only places I've ever felt accepted. I miss my teachers most of all, they guided me and supported me like no one else ever has. Now I feel a little lost. I'm being pretty good about occupying my time, I've been gardening and cooking and working out, but there are nights when all I want to do is write a paper about the different people who have played Satan in film or the similarities between the Vietnam War and the American revolution (the Vietnamese being the Americans at the time of the revolution and the British being the Americans at the time of the Vietnam War). I know the time is not right for me to go to college, but that doesn't stop me from wishing I had four more years of High School.
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If you feel the desire to write, then do so. Sometimes the best education is the one we get from our experiences. I think that you should go on to college someday, but only when you are ready. Take the time to find yourself first. Then you'll have a better idea of what you want when you get there.

Having just read your story about Older Men, I am definitely going to avoid complimenting you :P However, I must say that I find it inspiring that the true spirit of academic inquest is alive and well out there! If you have the urge to write papers about comparative history or symbolism in film, then you definitely are the sort of person who deserves to, and should, go to college at some stage. Obviously it sounds like now is not the time, but I just wanted to wish you encouragement and not to ever lose that idea, because tertiary institutions *need* people like you. Too many (myself include) get a college education simply because it's the done thing. That was never the point - to foster inquiring minds like yours, and the works that they produce.... now *that* was the true value of universities to society.