Sarah Palin Is The Love Child Of Pat Robertson And Ann Coulter

I know it is hard to believe, but Ann Coulter was frozen through cryogenics back in the early 70s because she feared aging.  In the late 90s, they managed to thaw out most everything but her heart and parts of her face (that’s why her face has that odd mask look to it).  It is well known that Coulter was a Pat Robertson groupie back in the 60s. The birth of their love child was kept a secret for many years, but an official anonymous source (rumor has it that it is a member of Palin’s family, bitter over being paraded in front of the cameras and her mother’s hypocrisy) has finally broke the story. Part of how Sarah Palin was able to burst on to the national scene with so little experience was through the blackmailing of her conservative mother, who couldn’t bear the idea that people would know how old she really was.  This story has been ignored by the mainstream media because of pressure from the C-Street group.   

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That would make it the most dysfunctional family in human :)

The most frightening AND dysfunctional family!

LOL. You might have a point! How about "child born out of hypocrisy?"

But could you actually call her.....their LOVE child? Maybe their black-hearted, cynical wench child? Just sayin'.....

I'm on it, Mizz!

Gee, I never knew? Keep up the exposes, Eve ;-)<br />
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I believe Karl Rove was their manicurist, wasn't he? His ads said he was the "Rock Hard MANicurist" to the RNC....

And didn't they occasionally have Karl Rove over as a "guest?"

But they totally REFUSED to use the color PINK for anything... they loudly swished that they MIGHT be "good friends" but they were NOT pinkos!

It really fits the split psyche homophobic closet homosexual sex scandals that pepper the Republican party. Bravo, Sara!

HA ha... wasn't it the case that Newt Gingrich and Larry Craig started an Interior Decorator business together back in the 80s? They were Ann Coulter's embryo's God Fathers!

I would welcome suggestions on what twisted part Newt Gingrich has in the whole scandal!

omg,you nailed it !!! Shatner and Newt Gingrich as himself would put me in a tizzy.

Good choices Eves.... (Shatner already thinks he's God, so that won't be a stretch....)

Tina Fey would play Sarah Palin, of course. Maybe Gwyneth Paltrow could play Ann Coulter, though I suppose an actress with that amount of range would be a waste of talent in playing Coulter. Maybe William Shatner could play Pat Robertson/Jerry Falwell.

this is engrossing-I can't wait for the screenplay and off-broadway production...this post puts all the conspiratorial mysteries in perspective,wrinkles and all!

Oh, that adds a new wrinkle!

Perhaps Robertson is channeling Falwell these days.

But that sounds so unpleasant.

I LIKE that one, niceguy.... <br />
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Hey everyone, I'm gunna be on the Coulter for the next few days....


I for one do not believe it.<br />
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My anonymous sources have confirmed Ann is one of the lizard like aliens here on earth who are preparing us to be harvested and eaten.

Ewww. It's so inappropriate when girls talk about that time of the month and being on their Coulters.

Give me another day and I'll be wearing an iPad. Ooops... my bad.

Off topic, but I just heard that Ann Coulter invented the iPad! Damn liberal media is crediting Steve Jobs!<br />
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Oh wait...or did the story go that Ann Coulter IS an iPad?

Anyone who doesn't believe this story just can't handle the truth!

This story is 100% true -- all of my anonymous sources have confirmed it!

Mtnmig, Bonnie, Luvmc--Glad to bring a smile to your face.

Ha ha I needed that, I count that as my smile for the day

EvesHarvest you're a real maverick,<br />
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Keep'n coming because America needs to know.

The right wing nut cases haven't crossed the threshold of this story yet. Hmmmm, if Pat Robertson is a woman in drag, and Ann Coulter is a man, it still works. But who is Mommy Dearest?

Careful! This is "crazy liberal" propaganda at work. Translation: the inability of right-wing nut cases to see a point with humor mixed in. <br />
<br />
Good job on the post and good luck with trying to explain it to morons.

Yes but Pat Robertson is a woman in drag.....not very convincing huh?

Brava, I LOVE this!! omg ROFL

this is all wrong. Ann Coulter is a man. The Republicans paid for his op so they'd have someone to say the things that they don't have the balls to say. The op didn't work out fully, but they didn't expect he'd take to his new gender and like it so much. He gets a little upset by the adam's apple thing, but he gets away with stuff a GOP male never would.

I thought it was Jerry Falwell.<br />
<br />
Oh well... shhhh....but everyone knows it's all botox and silicone. Of course the profits from her books are immedicately channeled into research and development of new age reversing treatments, and subdermal implants.

Ann Coulter? Being inappropriate? Now that is hard to believe.

I hope Sarah can convince her Mom to put on one of her a suit jackets. Those sleeveless black sheaths are not appropriate for a woman in her seventies!

Americans deserve the truth, damn it!

Oh what fun!

Gasp! I'm going to forward this in an email to everybody I've ever met in my entire life!

And it explains so much!

Haha!<br />
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I'm glad you broke this story, Eve. The mainstream media has been ignoring this for a long time.