Don't We All Want That?

We all want to be happy and feel beautiful, admit it!
Each person has his own way to feel happy. Some people feel to be happy the most doing their dream job, some find it through arts, some identify it with expensive and luxury belongings, some people happiness lies on their family and friends, and some romantic sappy might say "I don't need anything to be happy, just to look at you in the eyes"  
There are a lot ways to be happy, but in all, positive mind and healthy body are a major requirements. Well if you're not feeling well, how do you suppose doing what you love? That turn you to feel sad and depressed. In other words, if you thinking positive and live a healthy lifestyle, you one step closer to your happiness, and you know, happy people are the most beautiful 

So if you not already, let us all adopt positive and healthy lifestyles, lets be happy and beautiful.
I hope you share your story in this group, what make you happy? What make you feel beautiful? What is your secret to always be positive? How do you maintain your healthy lifestyle? We can share some cool fun stuffs that make you happy or simple tips to reduce stress level. Anything that make feel happy. Share it so other know, maybe it can help. And probably it can be a lil reminder for you to, if you get pulled by sea of depression. Lets make this our EP happy bubble  
charmingpurple charmingpurple
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1 Response Mar 2, 2012

I agree with you. We are all on a journey; sometimes, we need to find peace and know that we are loved to experience the happening of happiness. It doesn't have to be a temporary feeling that is let go.