Baby Will Be Here Soon, You Must Be So Exited!

I'm 39 wks pregnant, and for the last 3 - 4 months all sorts of people have been ignoring the fact that I'm pregnant and jumping straight to the fact that at the end of my pregnancy, I'm going to give birth to a baby.

I love being pregnant, I like being pregnant, I would like to celebrate and enjoy being pregnant.
I'll hopefully have a child to look after for many years to come, but I'm only going to be pregnant for a relatively short time.

I have luckily not had any of the less pleasant symptoms that sometimes come with pregnancy.
Well of course my body has changed, but I'm blissfully free of swollen feet, reflux, problems sleeping etc.
I'm a member of some discussion groups on the Internet, and I keep trying to get a positive comment about being pregnant, but I hardly get anyone replying, they are way too busy moaning and giving each other sympathy.
Comments like "I hope this baby comes soon" get lots of replies.

Is it me?
Am I abnormal?
Am I strange, liking being pregnant?
Or what?
Embla Embla
36-40, F
7 Responses Jan 5, 2013

"Abnormal" is a bad word choice. How about "very fortunate". Revel in it and encourage other women to enjoy the upside. People (not just pregnant women) who are happy just accept it and move on. People with complaints like to purge them by complaining to each other. You got lots of the former and little of the latter.

It's been a while.
My beautiful boy is now 15 months and running around, copying everything I do. Making me the proudest happiest mummy.

I had a brilliant, out of this world, birth experience.

And guess what. . .
Now when I meet pregnant women I get all excited, not just for them having the privileged & lovely experience of being pregnant, carrying life within them, nurturing their baby safe etc etc.
Of course I want to touch the tummy, and admire them in all their splendor. . .
But I get even more excited, wishing them the best birth experience. So I find myself excitedly asking what they have planned.

I've become one of them. . .
What can I say. . . I get it now ;-)

I think it is awesome that you love being pregnant! Are you looking to get pregnant again soon?

If you are happy pregnant, that's where you need to be!
I personally love pregnant women! Your hubby should love the extras you have to offer!

I also love looking at prego woman. Are you going to get pregnant again with your love?
I think it is awesome that you enjoy being pregnant; and bring new life into this world

If you are abnormal, it is because you are abnormally BLESSED. I envy your husband.

i totally understand -- i love being pregnant, too. it's over far too quickly. but it's far more fashionable to whine about pregnancy.