It's Cost Me So Much..

"Flirting is like window shopping.. You're okay as long as you don't go in the store."
That's what my fiance says.. He flirts... And it doesn't phase me. I know I am the one he loves. The problem is with me..
I'm not overly pretty.. Just pretty enough that I get a second glance..
Just loud enough to catch a man's attention.. I'm comfortable around men, and sometimes being a woman gets the better of me.. I've perfected the smile, the way to cut my eyes.. The kind of laugh.. I can catch and hold a guys attention.. The problem is as soon as I start flirting I can't stop. More than once they've ended up with my phone number, texting, talking, flirting privately.. I always end it before it goes TOO far.. But in the past, (before my fiance) There have been times when I didn't. Times when it cost me dearly... I want to be able to stop this. I can't be without my fiance. I need him desperately. And I'm afraid I'm going to give in one day and let it go too far.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Just ignore all the people tjat are attractive