Bless Her.

well i'm not bulimic, but i have a very dear, great best friend who is.

weve always spoke about being fat, but i never thought she'd do somehting like this. we was drunk & in a party when she blurted out "i make myself sick" whilst in a private conversation. I've been telling her to stop & letting her know that I'm really worried because she's been doing it for a year now, but she says she doesnt want me to pressure her in to it, or shee'l feel liuke she'd just have to lye & tell me she's stopped.

i'm really worried about her because she's fine just the way she is, but she doesnt feel so.

i've given her all the advice i can, but seen as i'm not bulimic myself i dont know how it feels.

any help? x

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my girlfriend and i are very in love and she has this disorder. when she told me about it i set out showing her love every way possible so that she would feel supported. i wrote her a song, write her love letters, left flowers at her car, stop by her work, went on vacations with her, surprised her with tickets to her favorite sports team, and i tell her i love her every day. glad you all are her to support and be supported. i think you are doing the right thing. if there is anything i can do help be positive or just give encouragement i'm here. let me know!!

i think the best thing you can do is just be there for her. what ever you do, dont tell her to stop. it really will only make things worse, if you pressure her, she will probably turn to bulimia to cope with the pressure. tell her that no matter what she does, you will be there for her. and if you really want to et her know that you love her, tell her that if she wants, you would be there with her when she 'does it'. this very idea will repulse her but hopefully it will get her thinking. maybe it will stop her being ashamed of it and have a reason to stop. i dont know, just give it a try. someone said that to me and it helped me feel loved. good luck. xoxo

Congratulations on your victory over this monster! It must not have been an easy journey for you, but at least you are doing it! <br />
I on the other hand am still struggling. I only make myself sick 2-3 times a week, once a day (which is way less when I used to do), but I cannot stop completely. I am reluctant to seek professional help because it would accepting that I am really sick and have no control over my own stupid behavior. NO ONE forces me to stick fingers into my throat and makes myself sick; no one pushes me, I just do it to myself. My poor body...It is healthy and still strong but who knows for how long.<br />
I am so scared of gaining weight. I am not supper skinny, 5'8, 125 Lbs, and I am very athletic. I love to work out and lift weights. I think a beautiful body is a fit, strong body. Paradoxically, my passion for fitness is as strong as my love for food. I love, love, love food. I am obsessed with food – food, calories and my next meal or snack dominate my thoughts from the very moment I wake up. I know everything about nutrition and calories. I could be a great personal trainer and could help people become healthy and strong if I was not so messed up myself… My problem is that I cannot just have little amounts of my favorite foods (there is nothing bad with a sweet treat once in a while); my problem is that like most people with eating disorders once I start eating my favorite foods, I have a sense of lack of control over eating, like it is not me who is devouring large amounts of foods, but a different person. I just cannot stop eating until my tummy hurts and I need to throw up.<br />
I do not want to become super skinny, but I hate when I gain a little bit of weight. I just don’t like the way I look with a couple of extra pounds. If I gain some weight, it shows on my face first and I just don’t like my face fat, it drives me nuts, can’t help it.<br />
I want to believe that I am strong enough to stop it by myself (I stopped it for a whole year once!), even though I read enough about the bulimia to know that almost always one need to get professional help and get involved with a support group on order to have a real chance for recovery. <br />
So I guess my question is how did you manage to start your healing? Did you get help or did you do it by yourself? I want to stop being bulimic and be healthy, free and enjoy life without agonizing about every piece swallowed. I want to love and be comfortable with my body and stop judging other people’s bodies. It is crazy, it sounds crazy and I can’t believe it is my life now. How did I let that happen? NOBODY forces me to do it, so how did I end up like that???? Can I ever be bulimia-free? <br />
Thank you!<br />

bless her! the irony is that there is a tendency for bullimic behaviours in these days and times, we cant all be perfect(without botox and madonnas personal guru, but even maddy is ewee) I am a pretty girl but even I know that the best bodies since the 70,s were airbrushed. bulimia is about the love/hate relationship with food..and trying to be that little girl... There is no perfect body, we come in all shapes and sizes.