Hurts Like A Knife

I admit that i am extremely jealous always have been, but with my latest partner i's worse
than ever.
When we met we went on holiday and come back i found i was pregnant with our daughter
he told me quite early in our relationship that he had played around a lot not now quite happy to be
with me
he says they didn't mean anything to him, but i can't stand hearing about it, i feel as though sex is the
most interimate thing and cant understand one night stands? anyway if they meant little why di he
say he spend all day shagging some then, I am sure he like telling me about them he knows i don't
like it, when i think about it i hate it, it makes me upset, it cuts me like a knife

i try to get the thought out of my head but i can't

on his facebook he has old girls that he's been with and on his phone and emails and i dont like it
we deleted them before but because he keeps his email with aol they all end up appearing again and
on his mobile
when we have split up before each time he ends up talking to his x and he just says they contacted him
sometimes i hate him so much i feel like killimng him so noone else can have him

not healthy really

aztechmark aztechmark
2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Better the devil you know?, I agree with the previous poster

He had a life before you and theres nothing you can do to change that.You also had a life before him.Stop wasting valuable time and energy on your insecurities and work hard to make your relationship a good one now,then he will not bother with the others.

great advice,make my relationship work?!!! well i left him he was emotionally abusive and a nutter, i'm fighting custody and he can go to hell. i was right to have felt like i did as he was playing around and rubbing in my face, he belittled me, played mind games strangled me, called me names said i was so lucky to have him said i wouldn't get anyone else, that i was a ***** and i have a ****** up face,, he is real nice charactor!!!! apart from strangling me, WONT BOTHER WITH OTHERS well they are welcome to him as far as i'm concerned hes a complete arsehole ****** nutter and life will backfire on him soon hopefully very soon. Then i will be laughing, I'm happy now getting on with my life and if i meet someone normal and decent with morals they will be lucky to have me