Still Hurting

its a year this march 18 th since my wife of 35yrs died.I am still gettig flashbacks and recently took some tablets with half a bottle of whisky after drinking 8pints i did not know what i had done till next morning and i was il for three days , i thought things would get easier but that night about 2 weeks ago i hit rock bottom . i feel so lonely sometimes that i find it hard just to get through the day.i have now started seeing a counsellor ,and i pray this helps me as i am sick of feeling the way i do ,hopefully the next time i write something on here things are looking up .

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I wanted to check up on you and see how you are doing now. I hope things are going better for you. You are a very strong person and lots of people care about you.

Stay in contact with the people you and wife had. If there is a routine going when she was alive continue the routine and include friends. You were happy doing things when she was alive, so continue doing things but with friends, they still like you.

Thanks for your comments i have now started to see a councellor and i am on antidepressants hopefully i will not get that low again it is just so hardliving alone .

That is so hard, tfs. I think seeing a counsellor is a very good idea, and perhaps even a short run of antidepressants might be helpful. Having dealt with moderate depression myself, I like Welbutrin for depression, as it not only makes my mood better but also gives me a tiny little energy boost. When I'm depressed, I'm about half a step away from comatose, so that energy boost is very good for me.