Being Shy

i am not very good with boys,when i see them i get worried what they think of me,so i go all shy which means i don't talk to them.I have fancied many boys in my time but yet i don't have the confident to go up to them and talk to them.Yet i think i like this boy now but i am just to scared to go talk to me in case he will judge me, i hate the way i look yet my family say i'm pretty but i want to hear it from someone else.I am a very shy person and when it come to boys i freeze, i just get to scared what they will think of, so i just don't talk i need to change for the better and try to talk to them more because i'm never going to be good in life and make a living if this is happening to me all the time.
iknewyouweretrouble iknewyouweretrouble
13-15, F
Nov 27, 2012