Laughter Can Get Real Old

As a younger kid i was alawys shy when i got to junior high i discovered that by making others laugh they wouldn't look at the real me, witch was my deepest fear, i got pretty good and i am naturally humourouse but now that i'm going to be a senior i see that i don't like being the joke, i do well in school( in the top 4% of my class), i'm considerd stupid, i am going to be a senior officer but people think it's a joke, nonone knows me i'm just that funny guy that everyone likes but noone knows and if i try to be real they won't listen i should make them laugh not think, not feel, it doesn't matter how much i do even if i do better then them i am still a clown sorr for being a bit depressing but thats about it

bacongristle bacongristle
18-21, M
May 24, 2007