Why Should I?

I put a rubber band on my wrist. Everytime I compained I was to switch the rubberband from one wrist to the other and begin the 21 day challenge over again. But then something happened. I started telling people about my challenge. People seemed to respect this idea. Some people. My husband told me I should swith the rubber band one day. Then he came up to me to console me through such a problem as he could never understand [the complaining problem]. Then it dawned on me. I didn't want to stop complaining for him. It was never about the people. I didn't want to complain anymore, because I wanted to live in faith in God, a Higher Power. I wanted to live on a higher emotional plane, and think loftier thoughts. Where my No Complaining is going to have to begin is within my prayer life. It's going to begin by learning to be content with what God has given me, which has nothing to do with whether or not I choose to 'complain' because of a close member of my family choosing to not treat me well. People are not my motivation nor is their approval the end I want to achieve. I do hope to be able to spill contentedness and peace into others some day, but for now, I am just happy learning how to be content while seeking to live in the presence of Love.
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The conclusion that you came to, resonates very much with me. Not seeking approval. It is about your own personal growth, and your goal of spilling your "contentedness and peace into others" will definitely happen. I would say you are well on your way! Nice to meet you. Howard

Thankyou for the encouragement. :) Nice to meet you as well.

Your welcome.

I know there aren't simple answers to complex problems. But, I am try to think back to who told me that people couldn't make me angry, it was just me getting angry. Remember saying that "xxx" makes me so mad. Over time finally got to trying to slow down, and look at it more like, why do I respond when "xxx" does that. I can only control my response. Now, just know there are people who I find to be toxic, and when I get them identified, stay away from them. Now, "complaining". Who can I complain to that can fix things? Or, even cares? Like your "happy learning how to be content". That would be narvana.