Stop Animal Cruelty Now!!!

It all started last year when we did a project for school. I was 12 years old and me and my friend decided to do a talk on animal cruelty in entertainment. Before then I had always loved animals but didn't really know about animal cruelty and I didn't really take much thought to it. But once we had looked at all these websites and seen pictures and videos my heart broke. I don't know how many times I cried when I saw these videos with pictures of cruelly treated animals accompanied with sad music. When we had given the talk a lot of our friends said it was great and it was really moving. After that I still thought about animal cruelty a lot but it wasn't until next year that I went on a few of these websites again and I saw that I didn't just want to raise awareness. I wanted to really contribute something to this cause. I signed up for e news on the PETA website and I got some great information on animal cruelty. If you become a member you can donate to animals and you also get things in return. I suggest you do this. I would have become a member but I am too young to have a credit card and I can't charge my bank account if I'm not allowed to access it until I am 18. But I will once I am old enough. But I want everyone else who can do it to do it. Also I got an email from PETA recently to be a vegetarian for 30 days. Well I have passed that deadline but I want to become a permanent vegetarian because I care so much about all those cute animals. I want to be a vet working in a rescue shelter when I am older and recently I have cared more than I ever will. Me and my friend Alex have started a blog on wordpress and I would really love it if you could all visit it at And once you are on the blog I would love for you all to comment and tell your friends and family, raise awareness, spread the word. This is possible but it won't be easy. So visit my blog, comment and enjoy our blog. We only started it up not that long ago so we don't have many posts. But all the same it is awesome and we have got fundraiser ideas, information, suggestions and we tell you a little about ourselves and what is happening in our lives. Stop Animal Cruelty!
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hey guys can you please comment here as well as the blog if you read this story? Thanks. Also check out my other story from the I have a sibling with aspergers syndrome group.<br />
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