Time To Get Busted?

I'm getting more and more daring. Tonight, I'm going for after work drinks with a whole group of friends and acquaintances, then on to a club. Someone is going to suss me out - if not, they're blind.

There may be a guy going who's always been teetotal his whole life. Haven't seen him for a while but I feel like asking him for some tips. I'm sure he's had all the admonishments about not drinking thousands of times. Could be an interesting source of knowledge.

At this point, I'm worrying less and less about "getting busted". I almost feel like "Bring it on!". But let's see how reality pans out first.

Maybe tonight's the night?
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1 Response Jul 8, 2011

Well, almost busted. But not quite. There were some quite interesting conversations about drink (and not drinking while pregnant - was just waiting for that one to come up! not that it applies to me), and one person was suspicious of my tonic water, but another friend pointed out that knowing me, it contained gin as well. I neither confirmed nor denied :-)