I Drink To Prove My Love For Someone...

I recently started to drink and I am a 14 year old female. Please do not judge me. I drink for one reason; love. I love someone soooooo much and I know what love is I have never felt this way for anyone and it will NEVER go away. The thing is I cannot have him or well I am pretty sure I cannot. Instead of turning goth/emo I drink. I drink to prove my love for him. I don't want to but it makes me feel good. Now I don't drink glasses or get drunk but mostly everyday I take a shot or two of vodka/rum and put it in my drink. I know you are probably thinking I want attention but I dont. Please do not judge me...  I want to stop.
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I know that your in love. Hell, I was in the same spot you were 2 years ago. But, I didnt drink. I thought since I cant have him, then why am I still living? I though about this for a year and almost attemted to kill myself. Now that I look back, I am glad I didnt. I still love him, but I keep my feelings inside or I write them down to make myself feel better. I should of told my parents that I was depressed. I didnt. I regret not telling them because I could of really hurted myself. You drinking could lead you into something worse like doing drugs. Being young, you can harm your body more than as an adult. Your still growing. I am glad you stopped for two days. I am also glad you want to stop. Anytime when you feel like you want to drink, message me on here or on facebook so we can talk. Okay? I can help if you let me try!!!!

Thanks! I appreciate the comment it made me feel successful!

Your welcome! Dont be afraid to ask though ok???

Do not do this. Trust me, I was basically the perfect kid before I start drinking. My drinking habits are not anywhere near the same as yours but ultimately they're all the same. You are fourteen I promise you that you will find someone meant for you. But at your age you shouldn't feel the need to. You're young. Hang out with your friends, play games. Be a kid. I know at fourteen you feel like your a teenager or even an adult, but trust me there's so much of you that's still a child. Embrace that. And if you do you won't run into the same problems that I have. Have faith in yourself.