My Wonderful Life

I have a wonderful family, great husband of 34 years, 4 professional grown children and two grand children. I have always had an addictive side to me. It use to be food until I had gastric bypass 7 years ago. Now my secret addiction is alcohol. I am starting to plan my day around my drinking. I hide it very well. I am a professional and work full-time and it is starting to affect my work. I need someone who understands. My husband just says it is because we are under a lot of financial stress right now. He has no idea of how much I drink. I want to stop NOW!
51-55, F
2 Responses Aug 30, 2012

I understand the wanting to keep this side of yourself hidden. I dont even want to admit it to myself much less a room full of people.
What exactly is the alcohol doing for you? Can you fill that need with something else? Post pics of those beautiful precious grandkids on the alcohol bottles, remind yourself of what is most important. What a sense of freedom you will get when you control this dark urge. Try It! Let us know how it goes. Here 4 U :D

Have you ever thought of going to AA? It has worked for me, and countless others. The meetings are comprised of a wide variety of people. Alcoholisum is a desease that doesn't descriminate on any certian culture. It is a desease that is cunning, baffeling, and powerful, and we all need help to get through it. With the help of my Higher power, AA, and my sponcer I have not needed to take a drink since April 12, 1994. I am sure that it can work for you. Good luck, One day at a time.