There is a poison that slips into my body every once and a while. A poison / slip into my body. Alcohol.

I've been drink for a long time. Every one in my family does it, and I guess it rubbed off. I never wanted to. But I do. I drink because... Being drunk... It is a wonderful feeling. Like you can fly. Like nothing you touch can hurt you. You laugh at everything and your thoughts of bad things and worries are a million feet below you on earth. You are high in the air, happy. That is what drinking is to me.

I want happiness.

I drink to get happiness.

I want to gain happiness without having to slowly kill myself with drinking.

I don't want to drink anymore.

But I can't put down the bottle.

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I miss drinking. I had my best times being drunk, hanging out with friends, laughing and having a great time time doing dumb, though not illegal stuff.

You are right that it is poison, and it is just an illusion that it brings you happiness - but you know this already. You only have to really act on that knowledge and stop drinking. Read Carr's book (below). I was inspired to quit over a month ago and it is really so much easier once you see things in the proper light. http://why-dry.blogspot.com/2012/10/is-it-me-or-just-poison-that-is-sick.html

Someguyin mississippi....I didn't join AA for the same reasons. Here in the UK there are other Government funded groups, such as drinkline, that offer similar servives. I spoke to someone from there and found them helpful. Try searching online for something near to you.<br />
I finally decided to give up when I read the Allen Carr book "Easy Way to Control Alcohol", as recommended by the poster sAnderson2 above. It made me look at my addiction in a completely new way. The book was truly liberating for me. I am over 32 weeks alcohol free as I type, something I could never have imagined when I first picked up the book.

Its encouraging to know one of my neighbors in Mississippi helped out a Brit. I tried the AA thing back in the 80's adn it didnt click for me, Have been throught the periodic stop for a few weeka nd even 3 onths, but miserable the entire time.
I used Allens book to quit smoking 3 yrs ago and I am now in the second week of stopping drinking. It's supportative to find fellow ACarr believers that have beat the demon. I started drinking in college in the mid 60's.....I'm 65 now and damn lucky just to be writing this after 46 yrs of alcohol poisioning.

Does anyone know if there is a secular AA type program? I heard AA participants are real bullies after you join their little program. I'm not sure I want the religious angle with all of this yet.

Get Allen Carr's book "The Easyway to Control Alcohol" - its amazing! He explains that the poison does not make us happy, we are brainwashed to think we only have fun if we drink. It is poison, it afffects our minds and body, it will kill you and make your life miserable in the meantime! Tell your 10 year old that! After 30 years in one week I don't want to drink anymore! I just don't want a drink?! The feeling is the best in the world!

I also quit with this book. 20years of drinking. Very happy indeed.

I also recommend this book - I'm over a month sober now and feel great. It *IS* possible! If you want to read how it's going, over a month now, you can read my blog at http://why-dry.blogspot.com

We drink for the reasons you so eloquently said-it feels so wonderful. My son asked me years ago when he was 10 why do people do drugs? And I answered him, because it makes them feel good, so good that they keep doing it until they can't stop. And as a fellow alcoholic I know the euphoria of those first few drinks. But than stuff happens; hangovers, ruined relationships, problems with the law, loss of your job. <br />
Please go to www.thesinclairmethod.com and check out the boards; people are getting healed and living life normally with alcohol. I am doing it and can't express in words how wonderful it is to be on the road to freedom from alcohol. Best Wishes.

It's an insidious poison, and a bad habit, made worse by the fact that so many people abuse it, and it is culturally acceptable. It took me a year and a half of very serious effort, but I finally am in recovery, and I have learned to appreciate life, to live each moment, breathe the air, get rid of the panic and insecurities, and just enjoy myself. I did it with AA, and I met the most amazing people there. Don't let the Bible-thumping rep worry you, it's a great program, and it saved me and many, many others. Go online, call the numbers, go to the meetings, and take a serious look at your life. I finally did, and I'll never look back. Peace, and Blessings.

hi shadow, hope your feeling better i have the same issue i cant put down the bottle i feel like alcohol runs my life im also from chi town if you need to talk plz pm me im usually on here most of the day as i dont work or go to school hope you feel better u should look up aa i went to a meeting in the rogers park area the alono club has a womans only meeting at 1145 hope this helps a bit hugs and happeness -babyface12345

Does drinking bring you happiness? If what you want is happiness and drinking is not providing it then the decision is obvious. <br />
If you can not achieve what you desire then you have a greater problem and need to seek the services of AA.<br />
Good luck, contact me if i can help.