Ooops!!! Sorry About That!

Within 2 months, I have hit my car on something else THREE times. The first time, I was backing out of the garage, and I hit my husband's trailer. It did some serious damage to the rear bumper of my Land Cruiser. The second time, I was backing out of the garage, again, and I side-swiped my husband's truck-not having the good sense to stop and correct the vehicle. Both times I was slightly intoxicated; I had had enough for a night-cap for my standards. The THIRD time was a complete UH-OH! I was pulling into the craft store parking lot with my kids in the car, and I completely misjudged how much room I needed to get my "Land Yacht" into the parking space. Anyway, I hit a man's truck and caused enough damage to warrant an insurance claim. :( At this time, I was NOT intoxicated, but could it be possible that I drink so much that it was still in my system, affecting my judgement, and having an effect on my reaction time? I have owned this Land Cruiser for more than a year. I know that it is large and in charge, but I have NEVER had issues like this with it before. So, I can't help but think that my blood alcohol levels had to have played a factor in this. There is also much more to this story, but I will save that for Ooops!!! Sorry about that! Part 2, lol!
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Get to AA... asap

Watch out girl. xxxW