Week One Done

week 1 coming to an end and its been a haze to be honest.
I am feeling on edge tonight after a good start but thats to be expected.

I am an alcoholic i am getting support from my fiancee but i can't tell anyone else because of my work.
I am a functioning alcoholic I hold down a job and work hard.
I drank every night
The thought of not having alcohol drove me wild.
I have started to shake
my concentration is going when my fiancee talks to to me my mind wanders
when i drive my mind wanders
I had vertigo
Cold sweats
swollen tounge
on edge
when drunk i can be in the best mood but soon depresion kicks in and self harm thoughts come back.
I have been in hospital 4 times through harming my self E.G od on pills ect
I am a compleatly different person when i only have one drink
I might not be in the gutter all the time or fight or abuse my family but
my name is Craig McK AND I AM AN ALCOHOLIC.

cr3ig cr3ig
41-45, M
2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Hi I know how U feel but maybe consider home detox cos that's wat I am havin.

I hope U hav the support in your partner and friends, my husband is strugglin 2 deal with my alcohol issues and can be quite nasty at times by the things he says.

Congratulation Craig, I am 504 days sober with one mishap along the way. Every day you will have alcohol on your mind, it never wavers. You have to keep up the strength. Take care and good luck xx