What A Wasted Life

I have been drinking forever im37 yrs old and suicidal.I am married to a wonderfull person but am compleatly in the hands of the booze. I really want to stop and have gone to ask about a rehab. I have no money and they cant do it untill feb. Do you think it would be ok to just stop and hope for the best? I drink up to 14 cans of strong lager between 6- 12pm per night. pleasehelp
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I am going to wish you luck....but I drink LESS than you do...between 4 and 6 beers a day...and I ended up with seizures....so....it IS a slippery slope, so to speak...you'll die if you don't stop and can die if you stop too sudden...maybe.
SO....that's my 2 cents worth....you can try tapering...I've done it...but I am one of those...if it's there, I'll drink it....and I have no will power AT ALL....

good luck!

I know how you feel. I too have a wonderful partner who I've hurt and neglected by not confronting my addictions, I've lied to cover it up and ended up hurting the one person who means everything to me. Whatever you do make sure you address it as not dealing with it or convincing yourself you have when you haven't will only end up in being alone, having more regrets and hating yourself, I know as I'm there but even then it took taking things beyond the point of no return to realise. Drink and drugs are poison but a poison we choose so ultimately we are responsible for the pain we cause ourselves and others.

Good luck to you if you want to stop you will trust yourself. We are creatures of habbit remember who you once were and why you want to stop and hold on to it. Good luck

hate the thought of aa too much preaching for my liking. thank you for your response respect your guts and balls though to just stop. I have doneit before and felt like you -brill but as soon as something stressfull happens I cant cope any ideas?

I used to drink probably as much if not more than you and then I just stopped !! took a few days of sweating and bad sleeps but I did it and now I feel so much better for it !! have faith in yourself and you'll do it. You don't need rehab just have to want to. Even go to AA or something if that helps.