I Want To Stop

Lately I have been to aware of my over indulgence of alcohol. It is close to accurate when I say that I have drank almost everyday in the past 10 years or more. It may not sound critical when I say I only drink four to six beers a night, but, when I did stop three years ago, the biggest problem was the restless nights and the agitation. I lasted 5 weeks that time and went on a good one on Paddy's day and went back to my normal routine of four to six beers a night. But, I want to stop now. But I'm afraid. I've tried now and again in the past month but I was very agitated with not being able to sleep which led to me being a cranky ole fart and looking miserable. I have set myself a new goal for the new year and that is to simply stop. I am a very disciplined chap and when I get my teeth into something I know I can achieve. But, I'm scared of the sleepless nights and the agitation that will go with the quitting. If anyone can give me some advice on this I would only be to happy to accept.
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Stop, then. STOP. I understand. You HAVE to stop.

I can't give you any advice, but I can let you know that I understand and relate to what you are fearing and experiencing...my biggest fear is that I am entirely too weak to actually quit even though I hate myself more and more each day for drinking.

The restless nights are hard. I have tried to stop drinking multiple times and when I try to sleep, the first three nights I am barely able to sleep. I started going to AA, but felt guilty when I drank sometimes at meetings. My sponsor said that sometimes Dr.'s will prescribe a sleeping medication. So, I tried ambien and it made me halucinate while trying to sleep. Exercising outside during the day does help. Reading seems to help me. Taking Magnesium also seems to work sometimes. Basically, it is just something that you have to get through, then figure out how to not start drinking again. It is good that you are writing about it.

WOW just seen your post and after the first paragraph I had to see it was not me that wrote it.
I have no answer but what I did on 3rd dec this year is stop.
I had restless nights I still do.
But every morning when I wake up and know I haven't had a drink I feel great I have a smile and I would rather feel the pride than shame .
I know its not going to be easy but when I get tempted and I will.
I hope I remember the joy of waking up sober

Sorry to hear that :( There is a way, call the AA hotline in your community asap....it' can't be done alone, at least not for long....best of luck :)