I had the best job in the world for a college student. I played with dogs all day, had a lot of responsibility, and worked very hard on the job. About two weeks ago, I got fired because I woke up 2 hours late. This happened 3 times all together in the 7 months I was working there. My boss had become a good friend of mine and I loved all the customers and their dogs with all my heart. I really felt as though my job was a part of who I was.

So I was fired and I tried to convince myself that it wasn't because of drinking - but it was. If I didn't drink a lot that night, I had drank a lot the night before and not gotten enough sleep etc. They always say when alcohol interferes with your life is when you know you have a problem. But lets get real, alcohol has interfered with my life since I first picked it up. It is just denial of the fact that it interferes, because the bottle is supposed to be your best friend right? It makes you feel so good, like a superhero! How could your best friend ever do this to you? Guess what, its time to cut ties with this friend of mine, he has screwed me over way too many times!
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22-25, F
Dec 16, 2012