Day 5

Hi everyone,
today.. I have 2 reason to not drink. (I'm just writing some steps that help me stay away from beer and trouble, I am not an alcoholic, but I believe in health and in rehabilitation).

Now.. my 1th reason of today is that without beer I can count..count.. like 1,2,3.. it could seem stupid but if brain is clean, from different days, difficult counts are easier, brain is confident and reasoning is fast. think about integration in math.

The second reason is private, but I want to share it anyway:
      The only place to meet people near my house is a bar, and if I go there once I start going there every day, that's not bad, but I'm sure in that place I can't find friends or the love of my life, and I'm sure I cannot learn something good.
Like a chain, if I stop for a coffey, I come back for a beer, and here we go...they invite me for some stupid dinner and I get drunk 2 times a week with people I don't even know their name. I spend money, time, and I feel like going to the bar is a addiction, and I know it is.
So the second reason is that I don't want to spend time with people i don't like only because alcohol told me to do that, I choose my own kind of company.

Changes are made of few little things.
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i know the feeling well. where ever i go to a friends or family, 1st question would you like a drink. "yes please"
2nd question where we meeting up weekend, bar?? "yes please". where ever we go or who ever we see it always seems to revolve round drink and i just cant say no :( .

I'm talking about personal habits, that I can change easily, I know it is difficult.
I'm not a expert to solve this situations and I can immagine it is very hard. But I think there is a positive way to solve any kind of situation, just turning them to a personal habit: meeting somebody to a different place, going to a bar just for a coffe, without sitting in there. If i go to a friend's house I should choose the kind of friend that knows shouldn't offer me drinks.
Changing a habit is easier then to stop an addiction.

Hey! You're a very insightful guy. I enjoy reading your stories and such. I'm reading a book right now called The power of habit. It seems so easy to do but it's complex. Talks about cues, response, and rewards. If the cue and reward stay the same, as they will and should, all we have to change is the response...what eventually becomes a new habit. You can't go through life with blinders on, we face the same cues every day. And the reward is usually... I do this because it makes me feel good. We just have to change the activity to one that makes us feel good. Eh...I'm still reading it. Later...

Thank you..and thank you for the book advice!
It seems to be a really nice book, iteresting. Habits make me feel good too, they make me feel like I live in my own world, and there I feel safe, in good and bad habits. Some of them are really difficult to change, so somebody (like Charles Duhigg) thought about discompose it in actions..that's a really good way to handle them. There are a couple of opposite methods to solve things: top-down and bottom-up, the first is about looking the whole problem and try to solve the main thing and then put a patch on every problem left, the second is to solve first little parts till everything is solved...true: starting from cues, response and rewards is easier.
Thank you a lot ilove2tri!

The book I'm reading power of habit is by Charles duhigg. Very well recommended book. He says it like it is.

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