Day 9

Reason of today: "I don't want to lose friends"

Unconscoiusly, drinking makes good things disappear. Every good reason to live is replaced by this ussue, there are million of examples, like if going to the bar and to socialize is not the first reason to be in there, because drinking comes first, till being home because we're scared to go out and drink.. missing our life, missing friends and experiences.

Me and a friend of mine use to go out in pubs clubs and meet people, once I drive and once he does, without drinking problems, because we have fun without drinking, and the best craziness comes out without alcohol. Well, a drinking ussue could let me waste this friendship, and I really don't want to.
Friendship is the best thing in life.

I don't even remember how I feel bad and sad after a Saturday night. It paints life in black and white, and also if it is one of those Saturdays with a bunch of people everybody drinking and laughing next day is the same ****, hating everybody specially myself.

I don't want to lose real friendship, and since I delete my beer drinking ussue (more then a couple of month now), also if it was a slight drinking ussue, I feel better, and I release how I can maintain my shape clear and untouched. I'm not alone anymore. Friends don't come when we are wasted, but when we're clean, because friendship is a bidirectional backup.
CrookedMat CrookedMat
26-30, M
Jan 14, 2013