I Want To Stop And I Will Stop

There is only one thing I hate in this world and that is alcohol. It has hurt me in many ways in my life. I know I can stop. I have before for a couple of years but a part of me is scared to make this a permanent change though. I know I will never be happy until I do. Today I realize that it is my choice and my choice only to have a future without it ever being in my body again. No one will ever be able to make this decision but me. I love myself enough for my relationship with alcohol to END NOW. Finally it is over.
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

How are you doing?

Okay so I succeeded this weekend. It was a little bit hard yesterday for dinner when I was out at a nice restaurant but I just had a couple of virgin caesers, while others had wine and after awhile I forgot about it. I am learning that I can talk myself back into having a drink but I will always end up unhappy. ALWAYS. Alcohol is a consciousness deadening drug. I do not want or need it. I will post more as I go along. This is cool that I am doing this publicly. :)