Tired of Drinking Beer Everynight

hi everyone im new here i took it upon myself to stop drinking for my self i know its not going to be easy but im willing to try for the last 20 yrs i have been drinking alchohol it started as  a teen then to an adult i always drink the same amount and the same kind it never changes two 24 oz natural lights a night when i was younger it would be 1 40oz beer a night and the occasional shot or two of liqure on the holiday but now im tired of drinking the same beer everynight same routine whats the point of it also for the health reason i want to be here for my kids please help keep me sober this is my first day and what can i do to change my routine

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I don't drink everyday but when I do start Drinkin it's hard to stop! I drink and don't stop till its gone. I really want to stop drinking but a few days later I party again and so on. How can I stop this habbit??...

I am an alcoholic. I have been drinking since I was 14. I drink 8 beers s day on average. I don't think I'm physically addicted because I've quit before without withdrawl symptoms. My problem is bad habits more than anything. I always drink at family gatherings especially the inlaws lol, with dinner or after work when I work nights. I just want to break the habit of drinking disassociate things like drinking with dinner and after work.

My husband drink about 10 to 12 24 oz of beer everyday. I mean everyday. Does he has a problem? And can his habit cause Cirrhosis of the liver?

Drinking that much alcohol every day will eventually led to health problems, cirrhosis being one of them sooner or later. In my opinion, based on what you said in your comment, your husband has a serious drinking problem, and the sooner he recognizes that and gets help, the better for all concerned.

These stories are really helpful. Theres really is other people out there staying away from the craziness as well. That drinking can turn your whole life upside down.

My struggles with alcohol began at an early age, resulting in academic suspensions and legal problems. Parental intervention, followed by professional counseling, had little effect on my desire for alcohol. Finally, at the age of 21, I joined AA. Two years of sobriety followed, but eventually, I returned to drinking. What worked for me was moderation management and a supplement I developed, still drinking but not allowing my drinking to control me.

i just found this website today, like you i'm going to try to quit drinking also and it is my first day. i find these stories helpful and am going to try to look at this site everyday for strength and willpower.

It is NOT impossible to do alone. The majority of people who quit, do so alone. Furthermore, if you need help, there's a lot more help out there than AA.

How's it going? I can't seem to find a date on the postings here, so I'm not sure how old your post it. Today is 3/20/09

You can stop if you really want to. Iyou really want help, try this... I got it from the internet but I did verify it is the right number. <br />
<br />
AA National Hotline 1-800-262-4944<br />
<br />
They have local numbers to call but since I don't know where you live I got the national one for you.<br />
<br />
There is a lot of help out there and it is nearly impossible to do it alone. Feel free to message me privately if you'd like.<br />
<br />
Good luck