Need Help

I have realised I have a serious drinking problem and need support in getting trough this. Will not be easy, but I have to stop.

Gungu Gungu
7 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I am also new to the realization that I need to stop drinking. I'm taking a vacation for most of the month of September and I'm thinking of it as my "last hurrah" before I stop drinking entirely. <br />
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I just feel like the odds are so stacked against me -- I've tried outpatient programs, AA and stopping on my own and nothing has worked! <br />
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Wish me luck...

where are you guys from? There are some amazing treatment programs for families and the addicted in Northern CA.

Good luck - I share you need for support and your feelings! Good luck!

Agree with sketer. Knowing that you have a problem is already a step ahead.<br />
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And knowing also that it is not going to be easy will help you a lot.<br />
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Go, Gungu! We are here for you!

admitting you have a problem is the first important step, getting help is next. I lost both my mom & dad to alcohol. so reach deep into your heart & soul to win your fight over booze. try to realize that you can still have fun,& can still be fun to be with, without alcohol!! GOOD LUCK!!

I am new to the realization that I have a very serious problem I can't conquer alone- everything I have read and everyone I have heard from has told me that WE CAN get sober and stay sober- we will always have "the problem"= but I am getting the idea we can go on to fabulous things and enjoy our lives. Keep writing here and call AA.

as long as you live in a country that sell's alcohol,you will forever have this problem. Alcoholism is a very serious problem. I wish you the best of luck.