Time To Change

Good to hear people have the same desire as me to stop drinking. I mainly just drink beer but always want to get the 'buzz' out of it, so I tend to drink alot of them. I am married with kids and can hide my drinking pretty good, although in the past my wife has sat me down and said I have to cut down or quit altogether. Needless to say I never did. It's hard to imagine day to day activities that dont involve drinking, thats why I never quit. The "booze brain" always tells me I cant survive without drinking, or that I wont have any fun for the rest of life if I give it up.

I am tired of waking up sweating, or with a headache and feeling anxious. Its been 2 days now without a beer etc and already I feel better. Just hope I can continue for the long run.

gamezgod gamezgod
36-40, M
1 Response Jan 5, 2010

Hey my friend GOOD FOR YOU! Do hope that you'll find the strength to give up all together. <br />
I PROMISE it is so worth the effort. Life is MORE fun without drink, honestly.<br />
I haven't had alcohol now for nearly 8 months and I have never been so happy in my life. I hope you are getting help with it. You really don't have to do it alone, nor do you need to just stop drinking overnight. There is so much help to make it easier...if you want to chat I'll be here.<br />
You have no idea yet how fantastic life is without booze - no headaches, no shakes, no guilt, no shame, no hiding, no feeling bloddy worn out with it all. If anyone had told me a year ago I could live without a drink I would never have believed them, I was holding down a responsible job during the day but knocking back 1/2 litre of vodka every night. Me? Stop drinking? Never.<br />
But here I am with my life so much happier and everything so goddam SIMPLE! Being sober is a doddle compared to getting drunk, believe me ha ha!<br />
Hope to hear from you my frend, I'm happy to help or support you anyway I can.<br />
Good luck!<br />
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