I Want To Stop Parents

yesterday i read many stories about my EP friends,  some of these stories talk about my friends and how they spanked from their parents, and i feel so sorry for them, and i want to stop that, if u want also, press JOIN GROUP and become a member.

and i advise the kids that they get  spanked to be always nice and be careful in what they are doing, and don't mess up please, cause ur parents will spank u again, pleasssssssseeeeee
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I never want to see a child beaten.

But I completely believe that for the protection of the child's safety that spankings are a some times necessary tool in raising a child. Every child is different, some will only require a few, but others need pain, to cause them to respect the parents word - no or stop. With out the child respecting those points, the child becomes uncontrollable, and can hurt them selves or others.

kids need care and protection but home discipline should be maintained

i will join good job from unknown

My parents rarely spanked me. The only time they did was when my life was potentially in danger or if I was being naughty on purpose. I didn't get spanked for the first time until I was three, and it was because I ran out into the middle of a busy intersection even though my mother told me to come back several times. However, I do NOT agree with spanking as a regular punishment. It becomes a habit, and when the parent is angry it can become abusive. Better to use a time out corner or some other milder punishment for young children. By the age of 11, a gentle swat can be used, because by then it doesn't hurt them, just their egos. Like any punishment, it needs to fit the crime. Very few things a well raised child could do should be subject to spanking!

if they beleive in chid abuse were you live this is child abuse it is phisically hurting your child!!! so this is child abuse!!

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