I don't have this issue, but the best friend I ever had does. We met in febuary 2012. She practicly moved into my house shortly after that. She never left, we did everything together, we were buds, we read eachothers minds. I never had anyone treat me the way she did. I knew she had this issue. We talked about it and she refered to her self as a yoyo. Come here, go away, come back, get out of here. I was concerned that she would do it to me, but I was willing to take that risk because she was an awesome friend. A few months ago, she went from never leaving, to every so ofen leaving for a few days at a time. Durring the time she was gone she would make no contact with me at all. Then she would come back and everything was fine for a while. Recently, because she was leaving more frequently and avoiding me more, I asked her about it and asked her if she no longer wanted to be friends. Long story short she said she didn't. I didn't hear from her after that for two weeks. Yesterday she came and got all her stuff and tried to make small meaningless talk as she was gathering all her things. (She had a lot of stuff here) she gathered her stuff emotionless like she was doing the laundry or something. Before she left she gave me her house key and said that if I find any of her stuff I can keep it. That means to me that she doesn't plan on ever talking to me again. I feel very hurt. I feel like my sister died. Any advice?
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Dear Oximoronjes,

You can never blame yourself for the actions of others, A yoyo comes and goes, I am sure you were not the the first nor the last that person loved and left. They may grow up, but don't hold your breath!

~ Be well JMC132

It really sucks. I hope she does grow out of it. Even though she pushed me away I know she does care about me because of her actions when she was around. I would hate to have this issue. It would hurt me to push away people I cared for.