I Feel So Alone

Everytime I try to let someone in I completely push them away. I'm scared of having ties to people and feel like I just can't connect. When my friends are telling me about whatevers going on in their lives they just ramble on and never let me talk. I feel like they don't care and they're all fake. I zone out when we're hanging out because i can't connect to them and our lives have just about nothing in common.

Sometimes I just want to get away and never have to talk to them again but their too pushy and they make me listen to their stories about pointless things and 'whoever did this and that' but I don't give about that person or, frankly, about them anymore. I feel so alone because i have no one i can talk to or open up my heart to no matter how much i want to.

whatthehellisthis whatthehellisthis
13-15, F
Mar 3, 2010