It is entirely possible that most of us are merely here to be happy with our mediocre status and accomplishments.

Others are quite happy spending every effort accomplishing magnficent feats in the name of God, humanity, or nature.

I think it is great to just be able to stand and walk!

Thankfulness is a blessing that takes the focus away from seriousness.


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3 Responses Jul 3, 2007

Cute!! Just loved this...u tube...gets a lot of people out of the loop of having to think doesn't it? Ha ha.. thanks. <br />
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Radiant just a philosphoy (howd u spell it?) reli doesnt do it for me....why dont u just stop thinking fo a bit? I youtube.....helps me.....

I have seen many people strive and made good accomplishments. Some are happy that they did it. Others crave attention for the great effort or goal reached. And there are a few who are unhappy that the striving is done and they want to do the next "great thing".<br />
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Each will try to find their own fulfillment.