Please Raise Your Voice With Mine and Peta's

I am Raising my Voice and sending this message to all who will listen.  Please listen...

Hundreds of thousands of Canadian harp seals—almost all of them only a few months old—are slated to be viciously slaughtered for their fur. They will be clubbed over the head and impaled with metal hooks. Some will have their skin mercilessly ripped off their bodies while they are still conscious, and all of this terrible cruelty happens just to obtain something that no one wants or needs.

Seals are truly helpless. Lying on the ice, they are unable to flee from their attackers. Their mothers can only watch as their babies are slaughtered.

But you and I are not helpless. Together, we can work to end this nightmarish slaughter of animals for their fur.

The Canadian government is worried about the growing possibility that bans will be enacted on the trade of seal skins. It is also worried about next year's Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

With this in mind, we must act now. You can help in the following ways:

Join tens of thousands of others from around the world in urging Canadian Olympic organizers to save the Olympics by saving seals—by calling for a ban on future seal massacres.
Donate now to support PETA's work to stop the Canadian seal slaughter and to bring an end to the cruel killing of animals for their skins.
By taking these two simple steps, you can help put pressure where it's needed most right now. Please speak out today to bring hope to countless seals and other animals who face a violent slaughter for their skins.

Thank you.
(from PETA.ORG  "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals",

 and "My Soul".)

Ravenshakti Ravenshakti
46-50, F
Mar 11, 2009