Slums In Mumbai

There are 7 million people living in the slums of Mumbai...

That is more people than those

Living in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens (all in NY) put together

More people than in Paris as of 2009 (2,234,105)

More people than in Sydney as of 2012 (4,627,345)

More people than in Rome as of 2011 (2,777,979)

More people than in Berlin as of 2012 (3,515,473)

More than in Los Angeles as of 2011 (3,819,702)

More than in Dubai as of 2011 (2,003,170)

More than in San Francisco as of 2011 (812,826)

More than in Washington DC as of 2011 (617,996)

More than in Miami as of 2011 (408,750)

More than in Los Vegas as of 2011 (589,317)

More than in Barcelona as of 2011 (1,615,448)

More than in Rio as of 2010 (6,323,037)

More than in Amsterdam as of 2012 (820,654)

Approximately the same number as those living in Hong Kong (7,071,600)

And probably more than the town you're currently living in, or more than the places your family and friends are living in

 Imagine all these cities (and more - I'm just listing a few here) being filled with ONLY slum dwellers.

That is how many people live in the Mumbai slums ONLY

Time for these slums to stop, and there is only one way of doing this. By helping everyone of of them.

fiyara fiyara
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Really when I saw d fact. I was surprised too that more ppl leave in slum den actual city

Nothing can happen unless this country becomes corruption free