- sitting here, reflecting on my life.  where did i make that one decision that lead me here?     was it one or a crap load of many really bad choices, and really bad decisions ?   was it supposed to be this way?  you know - everything happens for a reason crap.   I dont know what i think anymore.   hell, i spend most of my day trying not to think.  I have no answers. everything brings me back to the same place - whats the point of anything?

there are no more reasons. I am tired of fighting this. people ask me 'how can you give up so easily?'    ummmmm.....damn, have you NOT seen me at all this last year? Easily?

so i guess i sit and think some more,  i cant shut it off most days.  today is one of those days................
hartleybroken hartleybroken
22-25, F
Jul 11, 2010