Shut Up Already..

In the morning when I wake up I think about bad things..
About what I have to do today, what I should and I haven't yet did.
I think about it and I don't wanna get up from bed cause I know it will be a depressing day again.
Thorough the day I am thinking about many things..that I hate myself..that I hate this world..
That everyone hates me and doesn't give a damn if I am even here or not.
When I go to sleep I think again..can't sleep because of my thoughts sometimes.
I want those thoughts to shut up. But they keep on invading my head.
So I am sitting here irritated with my hands on my head and trying to fight them.
Will they ever shut up? or do I have to kill myself to finally not think anymore?..
lovelessbutterfly lovelessbutterfly
31-35, F
3 Responses Jul 22, 2010

I would come and rescue you if i could.

i'm afraid that i will have to do it if they won't shut up..<br />
or maybe someone will rescue me..

*hugs* I hope you dont have to kill yourself.Thoughts keep me awake too.I'll even wake up a few hours later and start to think and cant get back to sleep.