***** Down

Just a few weeks ago I ******** for 5 women. It was a week night, about 9pm, and the bar at the hotel we were at was dead. It was just me, the woman I met for activity later (Mel), the female bartender, and three other women. Somehow the conversation got on strippers, stripping, and public nudity. The bartender turned to me and asked if I was game. I told her sure. She went and locked the door so I walked over the the small stage and began stripping. I stopped just before taking off my underwear and turned away from them. I took off the underwear and threw them behind me at them. Suddenly I heard fighting. I turned to see them fighting over my red boxer briefs. They also noticed I turned and stared at me with huge smiles. Instead of going to the room to party with Mel....I got to party with 5 women and they all ended up naked that night as well. About 6am in the morning the bartender had everyone get dressed to leave so she could get home before her boyfriend did. The fun didn't end there but that was the story about me stripping for women.

Just to answer the questions!!!
Yes I did have sex with all five women and Yes I did go up to the room that morning and have sex again with Mel!
Prowlr Prowlr
36-40, M
Jan 10, 2011