Whats Next?

this story is especially for you

yes for you!
i am asking for 5 minutes only of your time
i will tell you about my experience which took my life to a unkown place

please note that i was like 'you

i used to live in the middle east, where everybody wished to go to america
and see how life there is like heaven!

well! i was raised that the usa was the best thing and place I can ever go! I will see everything

then, this become my dream! to come here one day..
i wished
and i did the impossible
to come to see this state
i lived one year of my life at home because i didnt pass my IGCSE
and decided not to reset them
i had less options and choices and no place will accept my misreable high school report but here

we are not poor, but we have alot of financal problems!
my father cant afford to support me here
i cried, i shouted
i hated everyone .. just for this dream
which have became bigger and bigger by the days and years!

and finally ... i got the visa.. and booked a flight with my father, and while i am travelling for more than 20 hours
i was thinking what will I see
how much blondes and hotties am i going to meet
and how every night ill find place to party in
and how my life will improve

well... i dont want to disappoint you ..
but I WAS dissapointed!!!!

the dream turned to a nightmare..
this place is full of asians ( no offense, i love them and i like them but its not what i was expecting )
the places and life here shut down at 10 pm
i have no car, i dont know where to go

i dont have friends or someone to talk to
but the host family i found!!

i dont know if whole america is like here san francisco, bay area
or its just my city

and here, the story stars..
someone cheated us and took money about $1500
for reserving a room for me in his house
and we paid him $100 extra to come pick us up from the airport
but he didnt come
he stopped answering us
litterly he lied to us and took our cash!

the taxi which took us from san francisco airport to mountain view
was expensive like hell!!!
he took about $120 for the ride..

and the third disappointment was in the hotel
it was a motel
and it was horrible!!
we paid each night more than $150, only for room.. which was bad
and the serves was worse!
the help disk lady used to come to serve us with her pyjama!!
and this room supposed to be with breakfast
and the breakfast supposed to be ready at 7 am

sometimes it was late.... and it was in the lobby!
i didnt like the serves at all!!

we toured some of san francsicso, mountain view, palo alto
and some cities around

and above all of this.. i am not studying the major i like
because back in my country they wont appriciate it
and ill study something i dont like
but i dont know what else to do

the moral,
my life didnt become as i dreamed .. i didnt see what i expected
we paid alot of money here
and we will pay more and more

i assume, if i studied in my home country, it would be much better!!
litterly much better, cheaper and closer to my family, my beloved ones and my old life...

maybe because i still dont know anyone here
and maybe because i am lonely and i miss my family..
but i wish now and i know its too late .. but i wish my life was ordinary like all my friends..

before i end ..

i wont ask you not to come NO!
and am sorry for my negative thoughts
but please think about it twice!
i was in your place once in my life

my dream was to leave
but now? ..

never mind
i wish you all the best in what decision you take in your life :)

with my lovely
smc6 smc6
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

awwww:( you still have the chance to live the American Dream...just hang on for a while and
do your efforts....
and Thank God my dream of moving abroad didn't come true....
cause i was the same like you....but after some stories like yours i started liking being here with my people....
never turn back until you've achieved what you dreamed of....now you are on the field full of hardships....play hard and make the best out of you...:))