The Way of the "DAO/TAO"

"the way of ultimate reality." I have experienced this and have tried to explain this reality to so many people... but now it all makes sense... You cannot explain what cannot be explain for it just "IS"

"The definition of Tao is "the way of ultimate reality." This means that Tao cannot be percieved, defined, talked about, or thought of. It is too big of a concept for humans to comprehend. "The Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao."

- For some reason I have always felt that I didn't need to devote myself to any religion because in a way I already knew the answer to which everybody are trying to look for.

I am just trying to bring myself back to be in that state, "the ultimate reality".

Daoism/Taoism - is not a religion... although it is a way of life that seeks for the salvation of the individual.


If you have never experienced the state of "the ultimate reality" then everything I have just said... you have no clue.


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haha...I once solved a difficult koan while standing in line at the grocery store, of all places. I was so overjoyed I wanted to start hugging total strangers :D but somehow I doubt that would have gone over very well :P

Yep! that's exactly what that is, its a glimpse of enlightenment. lol, it's like you're filled with so much bliss that you can't help but to feel like a kid =)

yeah, neither Zen or the Tao is supposed to be spoken, but it's difficult for Westerners in a way, because we're a low-context society, used to being direct with our words. It's one of those things, once you get it, you get it, and it can't be taken away.<br />
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Those small moments of enlightenment are brill. the problem with me is, i get too excited and want to jump around. Which is NOT proper Buddhist practice, LOL :D

I've had that feeling before, usually during meditation. I've just never thought as deeply into it. I just thought it was something that everyone experienced in their life at least once

what....the crap?

I agree with you. It's hard to put into words what is just fact.<br />
<br />
How did you feel when you reached this state?