The other day I wrote a story about seeing my Friends while at dinner and we were all going to catch up well we went to lunch and had a great lunch we all caught up. We deffinetly talked about my weight! They said why I was so fat and poked my belly and called me fat. They were alright with it but they don't want to get fat. My one friend Cindy (who has gained 20lbs) couldn't stop looking at me while I ate or when my belly was showing! I was so amazed. Well they barely ate. I ate sooo much I ate pizza! Omg it was so good. And we got dessert I was sooo full my friends were like Cindy why have u been gaining weight and she was like I know I'm trying to lose which we all know she's lieing hmmm idk maybe she'll b a friend I can eat with her and make eachother fatter. Doubt it will happen but I had a great time with my friends an catching up! After wards I was talking to Cindy and I said its ok if ur fat Cindy I'm here for u and she stayed quiet then the rest came so she changed the conversation. Hmmm idk should I help her get fatter or idk
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Lead by example and hopefully she'll start eating alot too.