Is It Even A Want? Is She Strange?

For a long time she has been trying to figure out exactly what it is.
she is well aware of the fact that she needs control, she craves to be of service. All she desires is to be able to do things that will allow her to make things easier for Another and be helpful to them.
It's funny because she can go without sexual games, she can go without feeling pain, for the main focus point is being of service.
she is open to different aspects of bdsm, but what she likes most is doing things that will actually benefit the Other. Maybe that isn't very normal, she prefers to clean, or wash clothes, or cook food because she is doing those for Another rather than be bound, spanked or toyed with. Even though she enjoys those things in the back of her mind she doesn't really like games and that is what those things are to her...
JazzyRose91 JazzyRose91
18-21, T
Jan 9, 2013