Secret Of Success

In college
always remember to rely on ebook / reference books in library and make notes of subject.  you need not spend more then 1 hour at stretch.
if a couple is chit chating insmall whispers in  library; move to a place where you are all alone and read for 1 hour. however do spend next 5min watching the couple and enjoy those moments as i assume the couple will remain seated or they will be replaced by new ones.

ask teachers experience questions but dont deviate from the subject syllabus. 

never say NO to anyone but do mention i have a waiting list so your number hopefully should come soon till then let us respect and love each other's space and not meddle with it.

participate and keep participating in all extra curricular activities.

think of idea and soon create a group. dont converse in social media sites rather sit in coffee shop and brain storm. then implement those ideas to reality. ideas need to be specific-measurable-achievable-realistic-timely (SMART). so only ideas which can be completed in 1 or 2 weeks and so on

excursions and safe ones but do travel with college friends

watch movies and analyze them

fall in love; roam around but dont get too excited and take that extra step and trouble your life for rest of life. so be safe. follow safe. enjoy romance but dont make it into an intense drama of love and lust.

respect professors and parents and if you make a mockery of professor do present it beautifully to audience for a good laugh.

smile smile and keep thinking positive....

a topper's secret - dont trouble your mind for problem you know you wont be able to solve; rather see if solution to that problem is already available; analyze it; read it; digest it and use it.

so hope to see dozens of college friends soon being my friends lol 
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Jun 5, 2012