Playing With Couples

Over the years I've played with more than a few married couples. It was always the husband who initiated it and a few of the times I've been with couples where the wife just sat to the side and watched me suck her husbands ****. I liked it a lot, knowing it was something they were going to talk about long after I was gone.
Another time I met a couple and the wife was a hottie also, and I actually started out kissing her and got her off with my fingers as we kissed and the husband watched. After that I laid on the bed on my back with my head over the side as her husband ****** my mouth and she watched. But after a short while I felt her between my legs and then she started sucking my **** as I sucked her husbands... and we both came at almost the same time.
After that the husband needed a break so I started playing with his wife again. I love eating ***** but not with full makeup on, it disintegrates almost immediately, but we sat on the bed and kissed softly for awhile as I started using my fingers across her ****, and it was really hot. She had two ******* before we stopped kissing.
And then her husband wanted to suck me, so I sat on the edge of the bed next to the wife as her husband took my **** in his mouth, and I started kissing the wife again and playing with her **** and she had another ******. And I couldn't *** again so eventually we stopped.
It turned out that they split up shortly after, and the husband wanted to get back together with me. But I never did, his wife was the one who really turned me on, and he wouldn't give me her number.

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Sep 8, 2012