Hey Lady Watch This

I would love to suck a guys **** while his wife watches. If she didn't like sucking **** herself she might be glad to have me take care of it for her.

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3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

That would be so good...we'd get hot and I'd suck you at the same time...my wife could watch as we both exploded our loads...then lay together and rub each other...get hard and be naughty some more

my wife have watch me many times been sucked and sucking but the best and more exciting is when we suck the same **** together and swap the juice.

Me too, I met a man in a bar once, went home with him, and sucked him and was ****** by him on the living room floor while his boyfriend/room mate watched. It was exciting, but I've never done it with a woman watching. I think it would be great to do it with a man's wife watching, maybe she could even give a few pointers about what drives him crazy.

Such fun...had my wife and her friends watch me...we perform for them...they are all quite attentive...my wife tells me that I suck **** better than she does...and the guys agree!