Very Hot To Think About

I Imagine playing truth or dare with another couple, and being drunk. Someone dares me to touch the other guys ****, I laugh and say no big deal, and the girls say, ok then, give him a blow job.......... Everyone freaks out when I go down on him and start to suck his big ****. I t makes everyone so horny and they watch with excitment and really get turned on when I swallow his ***.  HOT TO THINK ABOUT////

tmafio tmafio
36-40, M
3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Very hot and horny vision

Yes, hot to think about...HOTTER to do.<br />
Take a chance, you will love it.<br />

I showed my girl friend your posting and she said it would be VERY hot to see you kneel and suck my ****. She has this thing for D/s. She loves the "s" part and would love to see a submissive guy obey she does...LOL!!