Sucking Off My Wife's Lover

Last night I sucked off my wife's boyfriend. It was an awesome experience. He knows I'm a cuckold and bisexual. But this is the first time he allowed me to suck his **** while my wife watched. He sat on the couch next to my wife while I was on my knees giving him a *******. I enjoyed looking up to see him make out with my wife while I sucked on his big shaft.

He came fast and blew a big load of thick warm *** into my throat. It was so hot to have him *** in my mouth while he passionately kissed my wife. Afterwards, he and my wife went out while I stayed home and jerked off.
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I've suck another man's *** from my wife or girlfriend many times, and I've fantasized about how it would be to get his *** "straight from the tap." I would only be interested in sucking a man's **** who has ****** my wife in the past, and I would want her to watch and urge me on, asking me if I enjoyed sucking a **** that had been inside her, and how, when I made him *** in my mouth, that I would recognize the taste having previously eaten it from her *****.

So erotic, arousing and humiliating!

Great story. Thanks

I'd love to be you! You are one lucky Husband.

Nice send off to your wife's evening away with her date. I'll bet she had more of his load for you when she got home.