My Girlfriend Wants To Watch

My girlfriend has told me she would love to watch me suck another man off. I love sucking **** and it would even more exciting to have her watching, so she's looking forward to that particular dream coming true!

56-60, T
5 Responses Mar 22, 2010

would you like to slowly rub your face against my silky nylon legs til you get to my silky nylon panties then lick my **** thru my panties then slowly slide my panties off my legs and place my shaft in your mouth and lick and suck on my shaft and play with my balls rub them and massage them til you make my balls send a nice load of my hot *** thru my shaft and into your wanting and waiting mouth and now you can taste my creamy hot seed

My girlfriend is now my wife, but this still hasn't happened :-(

incredible turn on

I have shared this with my wife, trust me, the best ****** ever all round x

i want to join you!