My Girlfriend Wants To Watch

My girlfriend has told me she would love to watch me suck another man off. I love sucking **** and it would even more exciting to have her watching, so she's looking forward to that particular dream coming true!

BiTvDeeUK BiTvDeeUK 56-60, T 7 Responses Mar 22, 2010

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Dangerous territory there Hun. Go lightly. Better have her do the sucking. Kis, Pearlann

My girlfriend is now my wife, but this still hasn't happened :-(

I had a friend, Jay, who was divorced with whom I had sex. Even though he was divorced he also still had sex with his ex-wife. When she first found out about us she was upset and then she became curious and asked to watch us. In fact she watched 2 separate times, never made any rude comments. She sat in silence observing, absolutely mezmerized.

Darling, your wife needs to have you tag team her & then all will be well.


incredible turn on

I have shared this with my wife, trust me, the best ****** ever all round x

That is sexy!

i want to join you!