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The name of the group really says it all for me...Have been interested for more than 50 years and am only starting to enjoy it now and would like more
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thanks for your story i also am interested in sucking off men i just enjoy making a guy feel so good sometimes i *** while giving head it is so erotic

I drove a truck over the road for years and am married. i used to watch **** in book stores to satisfy my self. took a sniff of rush one day and the guy in the next booth was ************. i noticed i was watching him more than the movie. I got so aroused. I found my self wanting to try something that i never had done in my life. He stood up and pushed his member through the hole in the wall. I was sooo good. So if you get the chance to- go for it. You wont regret it.

i just wish i could find somebody who'd let me suck them off......

The learning does NOT end just because one graduates from formal education. You only graduate in to a different school, where the education of living life begins not to end until you go to a higher plain of another life...however there are things one learns of them self that pertains to personal enjoyment if one is honest and open minded enough to allow it! ;-)

I'm very open-minded. So open-minded in fact that I have succumbed to sins of the flesh on many occasions.

I'm kind of, sort of, learning more about myself too.