Fulfilling A Fantasy Dream

Tomorrow, I willing be heading out of town for a country concert. I have been very strongly thinking about trying to fulfill my dream of sucking a man's **** and then have him **** me in the ***. I've these thoughts for a long while. My desire to follow through is really strong.
I have been checking this gay bar in the town I am going to on their website. The reviews are all good. I am hoping to go this bar and get hooked up with a man that wants to a virgin mouth and ***. I figure if I present myself to him in this sensual, seductive, provocative manner I will be "to hard" to pass up.
I know that I have satisfied many women with oral sex and my lightning fast tongue, I might as well see if I am just as satisfying on a man's ****. I have read about giving blow jobs. I don't want to wait any longer. Besides even women who give blow jobs have said that a man's **** wants to be where it is hot and moist. I would say my mouth is a wonderful place to start.
I am anxious and desiring to have a man's hard throbbing, pulsating **** in my mouth and flicker my tongue around the head, anticipating the taste of his clear glistening, sweet pre-***. Listening to his moans and groans while preparing him for the biggest "*******" he has ever experienced
I am excited about being able to experience the massive throbbing explosion of his *** into my waiting mouth and throat. I want to really want to experience the warm creamy taste of those protein filled juices on my taste buds.
After allowing him a short time of recovery, I would to blow him again or try to see what anal sex is like. I have read some stories in EP about guys giving guys blow jobs. It seems that the results are positive, with some wondering why they waited so long to suck a man's ****. I hope my experience is a blast and there are no. "short cummings." The results later. Ms Sissy Ericka Lynn
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I want to **** you