I Did And I Didn't Want To! But It Tasted Hokay....

I was with this fine as she is crazy *****.  I threw some chicken wings and some tater-skins at her and it was time to get to the business.  I was rock hard and she wouldn't let me in tried to tell me I didn't want it I was limp, hoping i'd be embarressed and throw some more money 2 her out of shame.  I was like Naw better ideaso i decided to take the hill, again but this time mean it.  I've brought women to ****** before by sucking on one breats and lightly tickling the other.   So I did this and she was coo-ing and moaning, into it brought her just about to ****** and stopped.   Slid underneath and starting licking that nappy dug-out with gusto.  She didn't want me down there you could say I was raping her with my face.  She tried to pull and squeeze me out with her thighs (I love the feeling of soft fluffy theighs pressed up against my ears.).  So much that I didn't realise I was tasting blood down there.  i tried to get out of there, but now she was squeezing my back in there with her thighs.  Well hey i wanted to eat ***** so bad so i just resigned myself to the deed and figured well at least i'll get my red wings and hopefully not AIDS.  And I worked my arms underneath her leggs and started playing and massaging her breats especially the underneath and nippels.  Every-time she came to ****** she'd lift me face off her **** with that damn VULCAN death grip she had on my neck with her thighs.  She must've stacked at least 4-6 orgasma and was begging for ****.  I ran to the bathroom and did a brutal DECON 5 CHERNOBYL DECAM cleanse on my face and mouth.  Was back on top of her, **** was inside of her and had both her ******* in my mouth at the same time.  i tried to do some fance fugging a lil y-formation, then wish-bone formation.  She teleapthically let me know we can stifle the fance ****, the work was done she neeeded **** as quick and as fast as I can give it to her.   I obliged and she orgasmed so hard I thought she was ******* on me

!  the next thing i kknow my mouth filledup with tis Milky substance sweet and warm with a biegish hue to it, well at least when it came flying out of my nose by me gasping it did.  I spit both **** out of my mouth and while still banging away on her she made the same sheepish excuse for not warning me that I make when I cumn in a girls mouth during a blow-job. ...uh well I thought you know by how I was err yep hmm.


36-40, M
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wow , hot and arousing, mmmmm